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About Company

Professional and Expert Aluminum & Glass Contractor

NOVARCADE provides design and Installation of Aluminum, Glass & Metal Works for construction projects.

NOVARCADE is a NOVAMCO specialized department for the design and installation of Aluminum, Glass & Metal Works.

NOVAMCO has the following specialized businesses:

  • NOVARCADE for Aluminum, Glass & Metal Works;
  • NOVADECOR for Woodworks & Interior Design;
  • NOVAELECTRO for Electro-mechanical Works;
  • NOVARENOVATION for Renovation & Restoration of Construction Projects.
Our History

Superior Aluminum & Glass Services

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Quality Material

Quality tailored to your needs – our materials are carefully chosen to meet your unique requirements, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your project.

Friendly Prices

We provide competitive and budget-friendly pricing options. This can include offering free estimates, price matching, or flexible payment plans.

On Time Target

We take deadlines seriously and are dedicated to delivering your project on time, every time. Count on us for on-time delivery, knowing that your project is in safe and dependable hands.

Custom Design Solutions

We're dedicated to creating personalized solutions that perfectly fit your space and style. Our Custom Design Solutions ensure that your project is as unique as your vision.


Count on our workers to deliver top-quality results backed by their extensive industry experience. With our skilled workforce, we prioritize clear communication and consistently exceeding your expectations.

After-Sales Support

Beyond installation, we offer dedicated after-sales support to ensure ongoing satisfaction and peace of mind. Our responsive team promptly addresses concerns, ensuring the continued integrity and performance of your installations.